Aug 17
Beer Tasting Bar

While the next blue moon astronomically speaking may not be for a long time, we've got you covered with an even better Blue Moon.
Blue Moon Beer will be in the tasting room! Come by and enjoy the flavors Blue Moon has to offer more than just once in a blue moon.
Aug 18
Beer Tasting Bar

So weekends are made for playing. And Upslope believes in playing hard and Après Everything!
Après Everything makes Upslope a hand-held tribute to all who believe playing hard should end with a quality beer that goes down easy.
Come see what they have to offer for your Après events this weekend!
Aug 24
Dedicated Tasting Room

10th Mountain Whiskey is coming to the tasting room!
Don't miss your chance to taste some of the Valley's finest spirits and take some home for your weekend!
Aug 25
Dedicated Tasting Room

With so many options on our shelves, which spirits will we pull to sample??
Let us know your interested or coming over on our Facebook page! We'll keep you updated as we pick what to pour!
Your weekend cocktail will never be easier!

Join us in our dedicated tasting room where you can sample a variety of wine, beer, and spirits and learn more about your favorite drinks!

Stay tuned... more tastings will be listed soon!

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