Beverly Barnes

Grinning ear to ear, I can proudly say I have lived in Eagle County; A.K.A. the Vail Valley for over 34 years. I love it here! What this community offers is very special and has become the fiber of my cloth. My first year here consisted of learning how to be a property manager and tending bar. Tending bar, writing wine list, leading staff education & I were old friends, and old friends roots run deep, as the wine & spirits world does for me.
After spending my schooling years in Michigan, I began a journey through North American that eventually landed me in Vail. As for many people, putting myself through college consisted of many bartending jobs. Lucky for me, the wine & spirits world became my passion. Quickly on, I discovered, “the more I learned, the less I knew”…and I was hooked. I have spent the last 36 years learning, teaching, and growing in this very amazing & definitely cool world of wine, beer & spirits.
While as much as I enjoy skiing, hiking, dirt & street motorcycles, fishing, snowshoeing, traveling, & more, none of that would be as wonderful without enjoying a beverage of choice after, especially with friends. Even though wine is my greatest taste, motorcycles bring out the beer babe in me, and a fine whisky or cognac can wrap me around their finger many a night. All of these beautiful libations grown from mother earth and made into nectars for the gods. All I can say is “thank you!!!”

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