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luck of the Irish

We can all be Irish for a day with these drinks...

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled and made from Barley.  The Barley gives Irish Whiskey a more delicate and balanced flavor, especially when you compare it to Bourbon, Scotch or Canadian Whiskey.  Any whiskey drinker with find the rich, mellow flavors of Jameson easy to enjoy.  Jameson is great mixed with ginger ale, cranberry juice and a twist of lime, a splash of Cola or just served over ice.

Sip and Learn about Sake!

One of my favorite things about our dedicated tasting room is having the opportunity to try new things and to learn more. This Friday, we will be investigating the world of Sake. We will be looking at how it is made, common misconceptions, styles, and of course tasting some of the best premium chilled sakes!  Come with questions and an open palate.

What is Sake?

(Pronounced  sah-keh)


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