How Beer Saved the World

Beer! Even if you’re not a beer lover, we would bet that there is at least one beer out there that you enjoy. Here are some stats that any level of beer enthusiast can enjoy.

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• Our founding fathers – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and Ben Franklin – yep all brewers and great beer lovers!
• In 1850, Louis Pasteur studied beer and realized that it was alive. Hence the invention of pasteurization and discovery of the existence of bacteria. Which in turn brought about treatments for smallpox and polio.
• In Medieval Europe, the average person drank 60 to 66 gallons of beer each year. This was because beer went through fermentation, and the 3 to 4 percent of alcohol in it basically made it cleaner than water. Therefore, beer saved millions from giardia and probably worse.
• American annual beer consumption is estimated around 22 gallons per person. We guess it’s lower than those Europeans in medieval times since we can now drink our water safely too.


Go celebrate the day and beers’ great accomplishments by cracking open a cold one! And if you aren’t a beer enthusiast, come by the store. With the incredible selection we have, we’ll find you something that will probably start to change your mind on beer.