luck of the Irish

We can all be Irish for a day with these drinks...

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled and made from Barley.  The Barley gives Irish Whiskey a more delicate and balanced flavor, especially when you compare it to Bourbon, Scotch or Canadian Whiskey.  Any whiskey drinker with find the rich, mellow flavors of Jameson easy to enjoy.  Jameson is great mixed with ginger ale, cranberry juice and a twist of lime, a splash of Cola or just served over ice.

Watch the making of Jameson Here

              Irish Gold Cocktail
               2 parts Irish Whiskey
               2 parts Ginger Ale
              ½ part Peach Schnapps
              splash of OJ and a lime wheel

Jameson Caskmates
A unique offering from Jameson. Enjoy this modern Irish whiskey and it’s
nose of crisp green apples and pears along with notes of cocoa, coffee, and butterscotch.

Don’t miss our St.Patty’s Day Jameson Tasting from 4-6pm in our Tasting Room!

Lord Lieutenants Kinahan’s Blended Irish Whiskey
Aged in the finest oak casks for a minimum of six years. Smooth and viscous with notes of baked green apples followed by bitter dark chocolate and spearmint leaves.

St.Brendan’s Irish Cream
Made with triple distilled Irish Whiskey and all natural cream

                  St.Brendan’s Grasshopper Martini
                  1 oz whiskey
                  1 oz Kahula
                  1 oz Green Crème de Menthe
                  2 oz Irish Cream
                 Shake ingredients and strain into a martini glass and garnish rim with some chocolate syrup for a treat!

Guinness Stout- The classic go to Irish beer for St.Patty's Day 

                 Irish Car Bomb
                3/4 pint Guinness Stout
                ½ shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
                ½ shot Jameson
                Add the Baileys and Jameson to a shot glass layering the Baileys on the bottom. Pour Guinness into a glass ¾ full and then when you are ready drop the shot glass into the Guinness and drink quickly. If you weren’t Irish… now you might be

Murphy’s Stout
Silky smooth with toffee & coffee undertones, almost no bitterness, and an irresistible creamy finish.

Smithwicks’s Irish Ale
Clean and delicate with different invidual notes. It is Ireland’s number one Ale.

Boulevard Irish Ale
A reddish-brown colored, medium bodied beer with a moderate toasted malt flavor and a moderate hop bitterness.

Tip: Go Green with the Beer!
Add a shot of blue curaco or a drop of green food coloring to light color beer