Our Story

It all started with a dog named Boone, a business woman, a VW van, and a four year cross-country adventure that would lead to a passion while working hard and having fun along the way.

Boone, a Black Lab and English Setter Mix was a friend and companion of mine for 15 years. He traveled tens of thousands of miles through North America with me "Boone Style." He loved rafting, fishing, hiking, camping, swimming, and even sledding. Boone was always up for something new and went looking for it every day. He was there when I got into the wine industry and started following my passion, but also made sure I had fun on the side too. Boone was human-like in many ways. I think if he was human, he would have drunk a dark beer, had a rich red wine with dinner, and would sip cognac in the evening.

Boone and how we got started isn't just a story of the past, it's a part of who we are and what we value now. Although Boone is no longer with us, his spirit continues to inspire us to seek new ways to do things, to keep learning, to be kind to others, and to find that balance between working hard and having fun.
Rest in Peace, Boone
- Beverly Barnes, Co-Owner