Sip and Learn about Sake!

One of my favorite things about our dedicated tasting room is having the opportunity to try new things and to learn more. This Friday, we will be investigating the world of Sake. We will be looking at how it is made, common misconceptions, styles, and of course tasting some of the best premium chilled sakes!  Come with questions and an open palate.

What is Sake?

(Pronounced  sah-keh)

This alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice has been an integral part of the Japanese culture since ancient times and has been gaining popularity in the US.

Produced in a similar process to brewing beer, Sake begins with a special short grain rice that has been polished to remove some of it’s outer layers. The rice is then simultaneously fermented by a fungus and yeast.

While wine may be classified by the grape varietals, Sake is classified by factors such as the type of rice used and the percentage of the rice that is milled before brewing. In general, the more you polish (or mill) the rice, the more refined and higher the quality of sake you have.

Come join us this Friday, March 11th
from 4:30-6:30pm as we try some premium chilled sake and learn more about this ancient drink. We will also be opening up some red wines to taste!


On the Tasting Table

Demon Slayer
This is an Onikoreshi, which means it’s very dry. It is medium bodied with tantalizing fruit flavors and a pleasant nuttiness along with hints of mineral.

Tozai Living Jewel
The label image is a Japanese “koi” whose vibrant colors and shimmering scales have earned the name “living jewel.”  It presents complex aromas of anise and a hint of sweet rice. Its slightly creamy texture follows with a hint of white pepper spice and fresh herbal notes. It makes a good match for a variety of foods from fish to pork and light meats.

Tozai Snow Maiden
This is a Nigori, a cloudy sake with a milky appearance. Its aromas are bright and fresh with flavors of melon, bananas, and has solid weight to the texture.

Embracing the tradition, we will make sure to always pour for you; as a sign of respect and friendship!
Red Wines
2013 Petit Petit 
A blend of 85% Petit Sirah and 15% Petit Verdot. This dense and full-bodied wine has concentrated flavors of black fruit with a hint of vanilla. It’s meaty and peppery aromas along with it’s bold tannins make it a great pair with hearty dishes.

 Earthquake Zinfandel
Packed with vibrant fruit of crushed strawberry, plum, and blackberry with a velvety mouth feel and a rich full taste.

Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon
Multiple layers of dark fruit, spice, and oak.

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